How to Edit Images in WordPress

No need for photoshop!

Learning how to edit images in WordPress has been made really simple, with options such as crop, rotate, resize and flip. A great thing about WordPress is that it never loses the original image file, which can be restored at any time.

To edit an image in WordPress, go to the Media Library and select the image you want. This will take you to the field editor where you can change the description and caption.

Edit image in WordPress

1. The edit image button.

Underneath the image thumbnail is the Edit Image button. Click on it and you’ll be redirected to the Image Editor. To scale an image, simply type in an aspect ratio or a width and height value. Be careful to maintain the aspect ratio of the images or your images will end up skewed or distorted. To crop your image, click and drag a box over the image. Alternatively, you can manually set the dimensions of the crop in the selection option by changing the aspect ratio or by adjusting the height and width value in pixels. It can be useful to determine the size of your crops if you are going to be applying them to multiple images. You can also flip and rotate the image horizontally and vertically without using an image editor. One really cool feature is that you can crop the image in tighter and then select Apply Only To Thumbnail to get tighter, clearer thumbnails without cropping the main image and vice versa.

Remember to click on the Update Media button, and then, when you’re navigating on the image field editor, click on Save All Changes.

Edit media in WordPress

  1. The Update Media ButtonĀ saves all your changes. Please remember to click this before navigating away from this page or your changes will be lost.
  2. A preview of your image. If you drag over this with your mouse you will create a selection which you can then crop to.
  3. The Crop tool (greyed out). It only becomes active if there is a selection drawn.
  4. Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. This will rotate your whole image.
  5. Flip vertical and Flip horizontal creates mirror images.
  6. Undo and Redo.
  7. Scale Image will resize your image by a set pixel amount. Resizing down is fine, but don’t resize up a this will create pixellated images.
  8. Crop by aspect ratio locks your selection to a fixed ratio.
  9. Crop by selection allows you to change the pixel dimensions of your selections to ensure all your images come out the same size.
  10. Thumbnail settings. You can choose to only apply changed you have made to the thumbnail. This is great when you want to crop in closer in the thumbnail but don’t want to destroy the original image.
  11. Cancel and Save buttons. Remember you still need to click the Update button on the left-hand side of the page.


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