Creating WordPress Galleries

Want to keep your user on the site longer? Give them something to look at!

WordPress galleries are a good way to allow easy image browsing. There are three recommended systems for creating WordPress galleries. The first one is the standard gallery shortcode that comes with WordPress, and the other two are plugins, which allow greater control and flexibility over how your images are displayed.

WordPress Gallery

The WordPress gallery enables you to add image galleries to any of your pages and posts.

In the page or post you wish to insert the gallery click the Add Media button.

  1. Click Create Gallery.
  2. To upload files from your computer click Upload Files.
  3. Select any images you would like to include that are already uploaded in your media library.
  4. Click Create a New Gallery.

  1. Click on an image to edit the title, caption, alternate text, and description. You can also edit the image from here.
  2. Drag and drop photos to re-order.
  3. Finally, click Insert Gallery.

Nextgen Galleries

NextGEN Galleries is a powerful plugin which makes displaying and sharing photos on your site a great deal more sophisticated.
There is quite a process however, to implementing your NextGEN Galleries- see images below for a comprehensive run through.

  • In your right-hand side bar under galleries (click to expand) click Add New.
  • Create a name for your folder and click the Create New Gallery button.
  • Go to Upload Images tab up the top.
  • Select Browse and navigate to the images you wish to upload.
  • Choose the gallery from the drop down menu and then click Upload Images and images will be uploaded into the gallery you have chosen. Your file names will disappear as they are uploaded but be sure to wait a few minutes after they’ve all gone for the final stages to be completed (this will display in a percentage bar at the top of the screen).
  • To edit your galleries, click on the Manage Gallery in the right-hand sidebar beneath the Add New Link.

Flickr gallery

Flickr is an easy way to only handle your photos once. Load them into your Flickr account and then WordPress will load those photos into multiple galleries on your site. This enables your audience to experience your photos both on your site and on Flickr, giving your photos greater exposure.

If this functionality is made available on your website, your Flickr account will be linked to your website. You can use the following short codes to insert images and galleries to pages and posts. Short codes are a WordPress facility to help you insert advanced elements within posts and pages.



To insert a photoset with thumbnails, go to Flickr, navigate to your photoset, then copy the unique (17 or so digits) photoset code from the URL and use it in a short code on the page as below. The pagination=0 attribute allows only the first 30 photos to display and suppresses the Next and Previous buttons. How many thumbnails are displayed at a time has to be set by your site administrator at Thinkun.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157616356903035″ pagination=0]

Single images

To insert a single image from Flickr, use the ID of the photo from the photo URL in a short code as below:



Single images – small

To insert a single image at a small size, add the size attribute as below. The float attribute can be used to align the image left or right if inserted at the beginning of a paragraph of text.

[flickr size=”small” float=”left”]3558317089[/flickr]


Photo gallery – all photos

To create a gallery displaying all the latest photos in your Flickr account in the order you specified, use the following short code. Next and Previous links will automatically appear.

[flickr-gallery mode=”recent”]

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