Custom Theme Options in WordPress

Change the look of your website with ease

WordPress theme options allow you to change things like fonts, colours, logos and many other design elements across your website, from header to footer. Custom Theme Options mean you can truly customise your website. This is particularly useful for many reasons, including; certain times of the year when you need to change your colouring, or if you go under a brand revision and updates to your fonts or logo need to be made without a full site rebuild.

To find Custom Theme Options, go to Appearance and choose Theme Options. On this page you will see the main style options for your site, and in tabs up the top (the current one will say “general”) will be more specific styles such as those for the header, footer, blog etc. Changing options can be as simple as choosing a new option from a drop down menu or copy pasting some text, to something as complex as custom javascript. To keep your changes, select Save Options at the bottom right of the page, or you can restore the site to its original layout by clicking on the Restore Defaults¬†on the bottom left.

Be careful! Changing things can be hazardous, so before you make any changes please consult your site specific documentation.

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