WordPress Custom Menus and Navigation

Navigation your way

Like widgets and sidebars, you can also customise your WordPress custom menus and navigation elements as content may change and new things need to be added.

To see the custom menus on your site, go to Appearance and click on Menus. This will open up a page similar to the sidebars and widgets, with the different menus displayed in tabs at the top of the page.

  1. To add an item to a WordPress custom menu, simply select the menu you wish to edit.
  2. Select the element from the fields on the left (usually a list of pages and categories, for which you can search, see all, or see most recent).
  3. You can also create a WordPress custom menu item by pasting in a link and giving the item a title.
  4. You can also edit and delete items from the menu by clicking on the little down arrow next to the item and entering any relevant information or by clicking Remove which is in red down the bottom.

Your main navigation shouldn’t change very much. Lots of thought should go into making big changes, particularly if you already have a user base who is used to your design. Like everything else, if you are unsure whether this has been implemented for you, please consult your site specific documentation.

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