Introduction to Post Structure

Keep your website alive

Blog posts are fresh and dynamic content that keep your site relevant and valuable to your visitors. This ensures an energised web presence that continues to delight and inform. Posts can be displayed and searched by title, date, author, category, keyword and tag. Most sites will have posts organised by category. This makes navigating the content more user and search engine friendly.


  1. Add a New Post.
  2. Screen Options – you can change the number of posts per page and show any other hidden elements.
  3. Views only the posts that are published.
  4. Views only the draft posts.
  5. Views only the posts set to private.
  6. Opens the posts sent to Trash.
  7. Filter posts by date. This is useful when you need to get to posts published at a certain time.
  8. Search pages by keyword, useful if you need a particular page that might be buried under multiple pages.
  9. View posts with (the left button) or without (the right button) their excerpts. A really good way to preview excerpts without having to go to the website itself.
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