Publishing, Authors and Dates

Authors - masters of your audience

Before publishing posts in WordPress, there are a few things you may want to consider before you hit that happy blue button.

Who is the author of this post? 

When you are creating or editing posts, it can be handy to have the option of specifying the author if there are multiple persons creating content.

To choose which WordPress author to post as, you can find the dropdown option beneath the text area. If the WordPress author drop down isn’t visible, click on Screen Options at the top of the page and check Author. This section only shows if you have multiple users with authoring rights in your blog. To view your list of users, click the Users tab on the far right. Read about the different User Roles and Capabilities in WordPress here.

  1. The drop down menu displays the current Author of your post or page.
  2. Select another user from the drop down menu.

When was this post written? This is important if you are posting an article that was written some time ago, or you are bringing in content from an old site where the posts may have been written days, months or even years ago. To change the date of a post, click on the Edit link next to Publish situated in the right-hand column. You can choose to set a future date for your post, which will be scheduled to publish as soon as the set date occurs. You can also choose to backdate a post.

  1. Select the post’s publish date by selecting the month and year from the drop down menu and typing the day and time.
  2. Click OK to confirm your changes, and click Publish (or Schedule, if the publish date is set for the future) to save the changes.

Who do I want to be able to see this post or page?

This is actually a really useful option if you have content that should only be seen by specific users. By default, this is set to public but can be changed by clicking on Edit next to Public situated in the right-hand column. You can choose from Public, Password Protected or Private. Click OK to save your selection.

  • Public – anyone can view this content.
  • Private – only visible to logged in WordPress users.
  • Password protected – the content is only visible after entering the specified password. This is particularly useful if content needs to be shared with a group of people (a class of students, for example) without having to give each person their own user account.

  1. Select your visibility; this is set to Public by default.
  2. Click OK to confirm your changes, then Publish to save them.
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