Inserting Multimedia

from YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram and more

It’s incredibly easy to embed media in WordPress pages or posts. Multimedia content is great for conveying information in a more engaging way. Many people actually prefer multimedia content to written content as there is more for the eye to see and makes explaining concepts that are difficult to understand through text easier. This is one of the many good things WordPress has to offer; it makes embedding (inserting) video, images and sound very easy.

There are many sites you can host your multimedia on. Some examples include; SoundCloud for embedding audio, YouTube and Vimeo for embedding video, and Instagram or Flickr for adding images.

WordPress supports these hosting sites:

Embedding multimedia is easy. Simply copy and paste the full link from any multimedia item onto its own line in the post or page you want it to be displayed on. Make sure the link is not hyperlinked. If it is hyperlinked, simply select the link and click on the Broken Link icon in the editing toolbar.



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