Creating, Editing and Deleting Posts

The birth, life and death of a Post

Create a New WordPress Post

To create new WordPress posts, hover over the posts link in the left hand sidebar and select Create New in the secondary menu that pops out. You can also click on Posts and select Create New. Alternatively, go straight to creating a new post from anywhere on the website by clicking on the + New link in the top navigation bar.

Creating new WordPress posts is similar to creating a page in terms of formatting, with a few key differences. Unlike the pages editor, the post editor has more options, such as the ability to create an excerpt, set a category and insert a ‘more’ link.


  1. On the post editor page you will see an empty text field at the top, which is where the title of the post should sit.
  2. Once a title has been typed in, a text link will appear beneath it showing what will appear in the url of that post. To change this, simply click the Edit button next to it and type in a new name. Be sure to keep everything lowercase and use hyphens instead of spaces.
  3. Below this is the body text field where the main copy for your post will go. This contains the blank text area as well as the formatting options you may apply to your text. If you only see one row of buttons in the formatting toolbar, click the ‘kitchen sink’ button (usually the last button in the first row of buttons).
  4. Choose the category your post should be displayed in by selecting it from the category field.
  5. Write an excerpt for your post.
  6. Shows all comments that have been added to that post.
  7. Create or choose from tags that are relevant to your post.
  8. Choose an author from the drop down menu.
  9. Show when and who has revised this post.
  10. The publish field allows you to control who sees the post and when it is published.
  11. Preview the post in a new window before it’s published. This allows you to fix problems before it goes live.
  12. Publish/Update your post!

Editing and Deleting a Post

Editing and deleting WordPress posts is quite simple. The only post you would ever really need to delete is a latest news post. Editing and deleting pages is easy and most of it can be done on the Post list page.

 Editing WordPress Posts:


  1. To Edit or Delete multiple pages at once select an option from the Bulk Actions drop down menu. Select the posts you want to change and then click Apply.
  2. Select the title, or click Edit to go to the page editor.
  3. Open the Quick Edit drop down menu (6).
  4. Move this post to the trash.
  5. Visit the page on the site.
  6. The Quick Edit menu contains fields that can be changed without going to the page editor.
  7. Restore everything back to its previous state.
  8. Save your changes.
Deleting WordPress Posts:


To delete a post simply select Move to Trash instead of Edit. Whenever you delete a page it is sent to the trash. This means that if you accidentally delete something it can be recovered. It is advisable to continuously empty your trash as it means less unnecessary clutter.
  1. View WordPress posts in the trash.
  2. To bulk delete WordPress posts select Delete Permanently from the Bulk Actions drop down menu, select the posts and then click Apply.
  3. Hovering over the the post title gives you two options – Restore and Delete Permanently.
  4. Select Empty Trash to delete everything in the trash.


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